MARGINS Office and MSC Activities

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Objectives of the Office and MSC:

Priorities for the Next Three Years:

MARGINS Office History:

MARGINS Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Meetings:

Multiple AGU Town Meetings
Numerous special sessions at AGU and GSA

Initiative Workshops:

Implementation Workshops:

Scientific meetings, Theoretical and Experimental Institutes:

MARGINS Website: (~5000 hits/month,


MARGINS Mailing List and E-list:

As of May 1, 2004, the mailing list had around 1300 recipients, about 40% of whom were non-U.S.

Recipients receive:

Event Response:

Anatahan's first historic volcanic eruption, May 2003, occurred while USGS and MARGINS-supported seismometers were installed. Scientists were in place within four days.


Data Management:

Education and Public Outreach (EPO):

NSF-MARGINS Post-doctoral Fellows:

MARGINS Prize for Outstanding Student Presentation at AGU

Open to all students—via the MARGINS website—with a statement linking their research to some aspect of a MARGINS Science Plan

Recipients of First Annual Prize in 2003:

MARGINS EPO emphasis on undergraduate and informal education